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Adams & Sons Roofing offers a full range of professional roofing solutions, including help making a roof insurance claim, in Sugar Hill, GA. Not only will we be there to fix your roof, but we can also ensure your insurance claim moves quickly through the process, so you get faster compensation.

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What Will My Insurance Cover?

Depending on your insurance policy, your insurance company will cover hail and wind damage to your roof. If a tree falls and damages your roof the insurance may cover a new roof on your entire house or just cover the damaged portion. Your insurance will not pay for a new roof due to an aging or old roof, or general maintenance and repairs. The most common reason for getting denied is not having enough damage or expecting a whole new roof when there is very little damage.

What You Should Be Wary Of

The most common mistake homeowners make is allowing a door-to-door salesperson (STORM CHASERS) to convince them they can get them a new roof through their insurance and to allow the roofing company to file the claim for you. When these companies file a claim for you it is counted as a claim even if the insurance company does not pay. The insurance company will usually raise your rates due to the claim, over the next couple of years, even if they did not pay the claim. If you allow the roofing contractor to file, the claim then you lose control of the money, and the roofing company can get paid before you are satisfied with the work.

If you feel you may have roof damage and want to file a roof insurance claim, you should research a reputable roofing company and make an appointment to have your roof inspected. Never use a door-to-door salesman that you did not call. These salesmen will most likely not even get on your roof for a roof inspection. Many of these companies can be out of business when you need them down the road. Having a reputable roofing contractor that will meet with your insurance company will help your chances of the roof insurance claim being approved.

Help With Your Roof Insurance Claim

The life expectancy of roofs all depends on the material it is made of. More traditional asphalt shingle roofs on average last between 20 and 30 years. However, you should start looking into inspections and quotes around the 20-year mark to better prepare yourself when you finally have to replace it. Metal roofing systems can last anywhere between 30 to 70 years depending on the quality of materials used during installation. Of course, unexpected damage may need you to replace your roof sooner, in which case having help making a roof insurance claim is likely to be necessary. If you are seeking help making a roof insurance claim in Sugar Hill, GA, reach out to us.

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