Spanish Tile Roof Installation and Repair

Spanish Tile Roof Installation

Roofing Elegance at Its Best

Spanish tiles are prized for their longevity and unique, outstanding appearance. These tiles are often found in coastal areas and do well in places that receive a lot of sun and rain. They are energy efficient and can enhance curb appeal and property value. The majority of Spanish tile is made of terracotta, or “baked Earth,” and can last multiple decades with proper upkeep and maintenance. Since clay tiles are made of naturally occurring materials, they can be recycled and are an eco-friendly option. Their insulative properties can help keep your home warm on cooler days and cool on hot days. And one of the good things about Spanish tiles is that they look better with age. Exposure to the sun gives them a crisp look that demands attention and admiration.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Spanish Tiles

Clay roofs were first used in western missions and old European buildings. They excel in warmer climates and places that don’t experience freeze-thaw cycles, as this would cause the clay to crack. Spanish S-tiles add dimension and texture to your roof while lending to a refined appearance. And the unique thermal properties of clay helps it insulate your home’s interior spaces while simultaneously reflecting a high percentage of the sun’s rays, allowing for reduced energy usage.

In addition to these energy efficient properties, clay tiles are not flammable. If your home catches fire, your roof won’t perpetuate it and may prevent flames from spreading. Their weightiness helps Spanish tiles withstand wind speeds of up to 125 miles per hour, and their durability enables them to last up to a century. They are sustainable, as they are made of natural resources that easily replenish themselves on Earth.

Despite their many benefits, there are a few drawbacks which may make Spanish tiles unattractive to some. For starters, the initial investment of installing this type of roof is a lot higher than that of installing an asphalt shingle roof. They are also susceptible to cracking in frigid temperatures or with hail impact. Similarly, walking on a clay roof can crack it. Finally, clay tiles are heavy, so your home may likely require structural reinforcement before tiles can be installed.

Call for Spanish Tile Repair in Gwinnett County, GA

If you own a clay tile roof and are in need of repairs or are interested in having one installed on your home, our North Atlanta roofers can help. Adams & Sons Roofing offers Spanish tile repair in Sugar Hill, GA, and the surrounding areas. We have the knowledge necessary to safely and successfully repair your roof and can help your installation last and even exceed its expected lifespan. Give us a call at 770-271-7075 to learn more about how we can help.