Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

What are the benefits of a standing seam metal roof?

Standing seam roofs are sometimes called “concealed fastener roofs.” These kinds of roofs use snap locks or concealed fasteners to attach roof panels to each other and the roofing deck. The absence of screws in standing seam roofs eliminates all the potential water entry points that screws create in other kinds of roofs. For this reason, standing seam roofs are a great option for places that get a lot of rain. Furthermore, standing seam roofs can withstand sustained wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour and wind gusts up to 180 miles per hour.

Because of their metal composition, these roofs resist fire and smoke and are highly reflective. When heat hits the surface of a metal roof, most of it bounces off instead of being absorbed. Metal’s light weight makes it so that it doesn’t retain heat that is absorbed for extended periods of time. These characteristics make metal roofs one of the most energy efficient options on the market. And not only are standing seam roofs functional, but they are attractive as well. Their simple, clean lines allow them to complement most any architectural design, and a lack of visible screws further enhances their appearance.

One of the few drawbacks of standing seam metal roofs is their higher-than-average initial investment. Generally, this type of metal roof costs approximately three times as much as a traditional asphalt shingle roof. However, even though it is more expensive to have a concealed fastener roof installed, you’ll save money on maintenance and inspections and increase your property’s value.

Protect Your Home with a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofs are some of the most sought after residential roofing systems. These roofs boast clean, vertical lines and give your home a modern appearance. They can last more than 70 years and are resilient in the face of strong winds, fire, snow, ice, pests, and much more. Standing seam roofs are energy efficient, lightweight, and attractive. Offering numerous benefits and posing few drawbacks, it’s easy to see why standing seam metal roofs are a favorite for both commercial and residential properties. If you want a long-lasting and aesthetically appealing roof, consider installing standing seam. Give Adams & Sons Roofing a call at 770-271-7075 to learn more.