Metal Roof Installation and Repair in Sugar Hill, GA

metal roof installation

Superior Protection for Your Home

While many residential homes feature asphalt shingle roofs, metal roof installations offer superior protection, aesthetic appeal, and can increase property value. They are also long-lasting and can remain on your home or business for over half a century. Regardless of your design preferences, there is a metal roof that complements your home or facility. Boasting numerous benefits and few drawbacks, metal roofs are popular for good reason. In Sugar Hill, GA, Adams & Sons Roofing, offers metal roof installation and repair at an affordable price. Our team of residential and commercial roofers are licensed and insured and ready to offer you reliable roofing solutions. Give us a call at 770-271-7075 to get started and learn how we can help.

The Most Popular Metal Roofs

There are a few different kinds of metal roofs. While they offer similar benefits, they differ in their composition, price, and appearance. A few of the most popular include:

Standing Seam Metal Roof — An Industry Favorite

Standing seam metal roofs are some of the most attractive and durable metal roofs on the market. These roofs are popular for their sleek appearance and practically leak-free properties. Although standing seam roofs are among the most expensive, they offer many benefits which more than make up for their cost. They are also low-maintenance and can withstand harsh weather, so inspection and repair is not often necessary. 

Standing seam metal roofs can last upwards of 70 years and remain steadfast in the face of 140 mile per hour winds. Some kinds can even withstand 180-mile per hour wind speeds. Since standing seam roofs are made of metal, they resist fire, smoke, and pests. They also work great in areas that receive high levels of snowfall and ice. Customizable in appearance, standing seam roofs are available in a range of colors and feature sleek vertical lines that lend to a clean, modern look.

Corrugated Metal — Traditional Metal Roofing

If you’ve ever seen a metal roof adorned with a series of ridges and grooves, you’ve seen a corrugated metal roof. These kinds of roofs are popular in rural settings and can commonly be found on barns and other agricultural buildings. Because of their corrugated nature, these kinds of roofs are incredibly strong and can defy large hailstones, strong winds, falling debris, and other things which would severely damage other kinds of roofs. Their metal composition makes them a reflective, energy-efficient option. 

A major drawback with corrugated metal roofing, however, is their exposed fasteners. The nails and screws used to attach corrugated metal panels to each other and the roofing deck creates potential water-entry points that concealed fastener (standing seam) roofs eliminate.

Stone-Coated Steel — Combining Metal and Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Stone-coated steel roofs offer the advantages of a metal roof with the appearance of an asphalt shingle roof. Each sheet of roofing material is made of several layers set atop a basement and covered with a protective stone granule coating. The many layers which make up this type of roof makes it a strong roofing option that can withstand even the most severe punishment from the elements. Because of the stone coating on top, hail strikes and other forms of impact are practically imperceptible on a stone-coated steel roof. Installed correctly, a stone-coated steel roof can last between 40 to 70 years. They are low maintenance, energy efficient, attractive, and durable. They are also lightweight, so you may not have to remove your existing roof before installing a new stone-coated steel roof.

worker installing corrugated metal roof

How does a metal roof affect the temperature inside my home?

An object’s ability to absorb, store, and release heat is referred to as its thermal mass. Metal roofs have a low thermal mass, so when sunlight strikes its surface, much of it bounces off. Asphalt shingle roofs absorb heat, whereas metal roofs reflect it, allowing your home or business to stay cooler in the summer.

Despite the reflective nature of metal roofs, there are a few factors which influence its energy efficiency. The kind of finish you select plays a part in the roof’s temperature. Some finishes can reflect more than 70 percent of the sun’s energy off your roof. The actual color of your roof also plays a role; the darker the roof, the more heat it absorbs. Finally, the amount of sunlight your roof is exposed to determines its temperature.

Is a metal roof right for my property?

If cost is not a factor, a metal roof may be a great option. No matter your design, metal roofs can accentuate the beauty of your home or business’s architecture. Their reflective properties make them exceptional options for areas that get a lot of direct sunlight, and their smooth surface, light weight, and durability also make them a good choice if you live somewhere that gets lots of snow and ice.

Adams & Sons Roofing is pleased to offer metal roof installation and repair in Sugar Hill, GA. Our team is licensed, experienced, and insured, and ready to tackle your roofing needs. Connect with us online, or give us a call at 770-271-7075 to learn more about how we can help.