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Your roof plays an essential role in your commercial facility’s structural stability and in protecting assets beneath it. Deciding on the right kind of roof for your commercial property depends on your budget, location, and needs. The professionals at Adams & Sons Roofing can assist you in making an informed roofing decision. We offer multiple kinds of commercial roofing installations, including TPO membrane roofing. To learn more about our Sugar Hill, GA, commercial roofing services, connect with us using our contact form or by dialing 770-271-7075.

Different Kinds of Commercial Roofs in Sugar Hill, GA

Business owners can choose from a variety of commercial roofing systems for their property. Built-up roofs (BURs) are made especially for low-slope roofs. They are composed of alternating layers of fabric and asphalt and topped with gravel. During installation, roofers insulate the roofing deck with a layer of bitumen and cover it with a waterproof membrane. A base sheet gets added on top of the membrane and then another layer of insulation. Alternating between layers of asphalt or tar and supporting fabric creates a thick, long-lasting roof that is built up. The final layer, known as the cap sheet, is covered with mineral granules that add strength, protection, and durability. BURs are a great roof covering because they are built up and extremely durable.

The modified bitumen roof is another popular commercial roofing system. Modified bitumen roofs are similar to BURs and are also widely used on flat roofs. Modified bitumen roofs are made from plastic, polymerized rubber, or asphalt and reinforced with fiberglass. The majority of modified bitumen roofs have a cap and base layer, but some varieties have three or more plies.

A popular single-ply roof is TPO membrane roofing. TPO membrane roofs tend to be white. Their color makes them reflective in nature, allowing users to enjoy energy savings. The membrane is like a sheet of rubber that can be adhered, mechanically fastened, or ballasted onto the roofing deck. TPO membrane roofing is durable and doesn’t easily rip, tear, or puncture. It’s also resilient in the face of ultraviolet radiation.

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Let Us Handle Your Roof Inspections, Installations, and Repairs

While we specialize in the installation of commercial roofs in Sugar Hill, GA, we also offer repairs and inspections. Having your roof inspected at least once each year should be sufficient to help you catch roofing problems before they escalate. If your roof has recently experienced severe weather, it’s best to schedule an inspection sooner rather than later. Don’t wait until you’re noticing advanced signs of roof failure (like water stains on walls and ceilings). Instead, be proactive and call a local roofer today. In Sugar Hill, GA, roof repairs are a click or call away at 770-271-7075.

The Adams & Sons Roofing Difference

Let Adams & Sons Roofing be your go-to full-service roofing company in Atlanta, GA. Our roofing professionals are licensed, trained, and insured and ready to help you tackle your next roofing project. We have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1998 and hold an A+ rating. On Google and Angie’s List, we have numerous five-star reviews. We make sure that our roofers stay up-to-date with local building code and new roofing innovations so that each installation or repair is just as it should be.

Roofs are a costly investment, and when the time comes to repair or replace yours, don’t entrust the task to just anyone. Hire a company that’s been around for more than 30 years. Choose the experts who stand by their work and guarantee your satisfaction. Depend on the company that’s been serving the needs of our community for over three decades. When you need roofing in Sugar Hill, GA, you need Adams & Sons Roofing. Call us now at 770-271-7075 to get started.