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TPO vs. PVC Roofing (Comparison, Cost, and Installation)

TPO vs. PVC Roofing

TPO roofing has grown increasingly popular each year. The primary reason for its popularity is its presentation as an affordable alternative to PVC roofing. Despite its rising intrigue, some roofing companies still contend that PVC roofing is the superior roofing system in 2022. Let’s compare the two roofing systems to understand better.


PVC membrane costs more per square foot than TPO, but the overall price is very similar. However, the labor cost for TPO is cheaper because most roofers mark up PVC membranes at a higher rate. Despite the lesser labor costs, the labor itself is more intensive with TPO because of glued seams.

The bottom line is simple. While the affordability of TPO roofing compared to PVC is overblown, the cost of installation is usually lower. As a result, choosing TPO roofing over PVC is the most affordable choice.

Winner: TPO Roofing

Environmental Impact

TPO is recyclable and environmentally friendlier than PVC. In addition, the reflective surface reduces UV radiation while increasing energy efficiency. Some PVC roofing membranes also feature reflective surfaces, and most abide by energy regulations. Still, TPO is the clear environmental choice.

Winner: TPO Roofing

Weather Resistance 

Accelerated weathering tests show TPO as a superior roofing system for weather resistance compared with PVC roofing. While PVC fanatics strongly refute the test conclusions, many are unaware of the consistent advancements in the TPO roofing formulation since its inception.

Also, some PVC enthusiasts misuse chemical resistance as evidence of weather resistance when they are entirely separate functions. For example, PVC roofs resist chemicals, oils, and greases better than TPO, but TPO stands up better to weather conditions like rain, sleet, hail, and snow.

Winner: TPO Roofing


Both roof types will present a manufacturer’s warranty and a contractor’s warranty. The former protects you from defects with the membrane’s manufacturing. The latter covers the roofer’s craft and installation.

The length and coverage of these warranties depend on the specific manufacturer and contractor. As a result, neither roofing material presents an advantage over the other, as the warranties are case-by-case.

Winner: Draw

Installation Process

Most roofers find the PVC installation process more straightforward because the materials have been around longer. Also, TPO roofing material is typically stiffer as it lacks PVC roofs plasticizers. 

While many roofing contractors are creatures of habit and prefer the installation process of PVC material, others favor TPO installation. Ultimately it comes down to the preference of the roofing contractor, their skillset, and their knowledge of the installation process.

Winner: Draw


More data exists about the longevity of PVC than TPO. As a result, PVC is the safest bet for life expectancy. Still, newer TPO roofing materials project lifespans even longer than their PVC counterparts.

A roof’s lifespan, regardless of material, depends on multiple variables:

  1. Installation quality sets the foundation for your roof’s longevity.
  2. Maintenance frequency or, in some cases, neglect.
  3. The luck or fortune of severe weather conditions plays a role.

The materials themselves have some built-in advantages and disadvantages. For example, TPO roofs lack plasticizers which bodes well for their longevity by preventing plasticizer migration which can ruin PVC roofs. 

On the other hand, PVC roofs have a larger roll width, requiring fewer cuts to cover the roof and fewer seams to glue. TPO roofs can run into problems with a smaller roll width which thus requires more cuts.

Winner: Draw

TPO and PVC Similarities

TPO roofing aims to emulate PVC roofs by providing similar benefits for a more affordable price. Both are made of thermoplastic materials, thermoplastic olefin and polyvinyl chloride, respectively. Similarly, both materials are more resistant to leaks because they are heat weldable.

As mentioned earlier, TPO and PVC roofs are reflective, lowering energy usage, energy costs, and UV radiation. In addition, the white color of both materials makes them obvious choices for cool roofing or green roofing.

The installation process is also very similar for both roof types. Tools, procedures, and requisite skillsets are almost identical for both roofs. In the same vein, roofers can mechanically fasten or fully adhere either material to the property.

Finally, both PVC and TPO roofing conform to roofing movements, making them highly flexible and adaptable. As a result, repairs are easier for both roof types than other flat roofing options. 

The Final Call

TPO roofing is more affordable, environmentally friendly, and durable than PVC. While traditionalists still prefer PVC roofing because of its installation process and chemical resistance, the smart long-term money is on TPO.

At Adams and Sons Roofing, we provide TPO roof repair and replacement in Sugar Hill, GA, and surrounding areas. With top-notch roofing contractors, we can attend to all of your TPO roofing needs in 2022.

Winner: TPO Roofing

How SEO Drives Results for our Sugar Hill Roofing Company

If you’ve read The Webmasters’ Roofing SEO guide, you understand the foundational principles of search engine optimization for roofers. But unfortunately, SEO has a bad reputation in the roofing community, primarily because of bad actors in the marketing space. 

As a Sugar Hill, GA roofing company, we’ve found that SEO works great for our goals. First, of course, we use SEO to help reach new customers in the Sugar Hill, Georgia area, rather than to simply brag about our website. Below we will demonstrate the main reason SEO works for Sugar Hill roofers.

Local SEO for Roofers in Sugar Hill, Georgia

SEO works in Sugar Hill because of a sub-category of SEO known as Local SEO. For those unaware, Local SEO aims to reach local consumers specifically through Google’s Local Map 3-Pack and locally-relevant organic results. To achieve this, you must implement two concepts.


The first step to Local SEO success is DataPins. You can see our pins here, demonstrating our work in Sugar Hill and surrounding cities. Pins insert schema markup and geo-coordinates onto our website, along with unique photos and captions from our job sites. 

Since DataPins is user-generated content from actual roofing companies like ours, it helps Google understand that our website and services are legitimate. Furthermore, it serves as a digital hand raise that allows us to show up on Google Maps and traditional Google organic results.

Local Landing Pages

Another Local SEO factor in Sugar Hill is local landing pages, AKA city pages. Since we serve customers in nearby cities, we want to reach people requiring roofing services in smaller towns like AlpharettaBuford, and Sandy Springs. We also create a page for a big city like Atlanta, GA.

Each of our city pages provides unique value to consumers in those areas. We don’t use duplicate content or copy-paste the exact text across multiple location pages. Instead, we use DataPins to insert unique captions based on the city we serve. The results are very appealing.

Benefits of SEO for our Sugar Hill Roofing Company

SEO can be used for the right or wrong reasons. In our case, we use SEO to benefit our customers and help them find high-quality roofing services in Sugar Hill, GA. Yes, we get a good amount of Sugar Hill roofing leads because of our search engine optimization efforts, but that’s the point.

The key is maintaining the highest standards for our roofing bsuiness, which involves reaching customers who need our services. We offer asphalt shingle roof repair, TPO roof repair, and hail damage roof repair, among other options. We want our customers to find our service pages.

Consumer Reach

The primary goal of SEO for roofers is consumer reach. But the key is reaching the right consumers — not just anyone. For example, we want to reach home and building owners in Sugar Hill and surrounding cities as a local roofing company. 

But, on the other hand, we don’t need to reach people in Los Angeles. So, therefore, our SEO strategy mimics our defined audience.

Reputation Management

In 2022, consumers can evaluate your bsuiness thoroughly before hiring you. Google, Facebook, and Yelp are three of thousands of review platforms consumers can monitor regarding your roof company.

As a result, we encourage our customers to provide honest feedback.

Lacking online reviews for your business is a major red flag, even as much as having dozens of bad reviews. When you ask for reviews consistently, you will inevitably receive a few negative complaints. However, the majority will be positive and can help other consumers trust your business.

Digital Business Card

Last but not least, SEO helps brand our company online and make our website a digital business card. When people come to our website, we want them to see pictures of our staff and begin to start trusting our business. We believe that this personal touch helps us do the best work.

Consumers have a wide range of roofing options in the Sugar Hill area, but we are the best choice. We believe in doing the best possible job for all of our clients, proven over years of dedication and results. We provide fast, efficient results with a no-nonsense approach. You can count on us.

Final Thoughts on Search Engine Optimization

Some roofers hate SEO and go all-in on PPC. However, as a Sugar Hill roofing company, we use SEO for the right reasons. As a result, SEO helps us drive success for our business, but most importantly, reach new customers. Our content is high-quality and appeals to actual customers.

We recommend trying SEO as a roofing company, and we hope that our process helps us reach customers with high-quality services. We understand that each client puts their faith in our business, and we deliver every time. The good news is that SEO in Sugar Hill is helping us reach goals at Adams and Sons Roofing.