Roof Replacement in Decatur, GA

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Regardless of what your home looks like, a new roof causes a drastic transformation. An immediate facelift. Adams & Sons Roofing installs many kinds of residential and commercial roofs in Decatur, GA, to increase your property’s value, secure your facility, and add curb appeal. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Asphalt shingle roofing. Asphalt shingles are your run-of-the-mill roof covering. They are affordable and available in three main varieties: 3-tab, dimensional, and luxury. Asphalt shingle roofs last between 20 to 40 years, but the actual longevity depends on the kind of roof, the location where it’s installed, and the amount of maintenance it gets.
  • Metal roofing. Metal roofs boast numerous benefits and few drawbacks — namely cost. A metal roof is long lasting and easily gives you 70 years of solid performance. Low maintenance and highly resistant to all sorts of weather, you don’t have to worry about hail, strong winds, rot, or fire with these bad boys. To boot, metal roofs are reflective, so when light hits the metal panel, it bounces back instead of being absorbed. This makes for an energy-efficient roof that can help you keep your home cool in warmer months. 
  • Tile roofing. Tile roofing is historic and stately. There are three main kinds: concrete, slate, and terracotta (meaning “baked earth,” or clay). Tile roofing adds elegance and mystique and increases property value, especially in more affluent neighborhoods. Slate slabs, a kind of tile roof, can last up to two centuries! Talk about longevity. And apart from a long-lasting installation, you’ll get striking beauty, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and stability. This makes tile roofing an excellent choice for residences and businesses alike. Its goodness is reflected in the exponentially larger chunk of change you’ll put in at the onset.
  • Synthetic tile roofing. Tiles are an attractive, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly roofing option. But if the cost of tile roofing is more than your budget can bear or if your home can’t bear the weight of heavy tiles, consider synthetic tile roofing. Synthetic composition tiles are made to resemble slate, clay, and other types of roofing systems — only at a fraction of the cost and weight. Call 770-271-7075 to ask about our synthetic tile options.

Roofing Help for Any Occasion

If it’s time to repair or replace your roof, make the right call and reach out to the team at Adams & Sons Roofing. Since 1987, we’ve provided residential and commercial roofing services in Decatur, GA. Our individualized customer service experience is designed to help you understand available roofing options and make an informed decision regarding your roof. Then, our expert installation allows you to enjoy more years and better performance out of your roof. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs and a wide variety of new roof installation options to improve curb appeal and enhance property value. Our team of expert roofing technicians is on call to answer all your roofing questions. Enjoy excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship by choosing Adams & Sons Roofing for repairs and roof installations in Decatur, GA. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get a free estimate on any roof repair or roof replacement project. The number to call is 770-271-7075.

  • Residential Roofer If you need to repair your existing roof or get a new one installed, give us a call for roofing services in Gwinnett County, GA.
  • Storm Damage Roof Repair It’s hard to anticipate a storm or the damage it will cause. But knowing a reliable storm damage repair roofing company in Decatur, GA, that can help you with your insurance claim is a good first step in the right direction.
  • Metal Roofing Repair/Install Considering a corrugated metal roof for your barn or standing seam metal covering for your pool house? We provide assistance with a range of metal roofing installations.
  • Commercial Roofer Your business is how you make money. Don’t let roofing woes interrupt the flow. Call Adams & Sons Roofing for all your roofing needs in Decatur, GA.
  • Emergency Roof Repair If it’s 12 AM and there’s a hole in your roof, don’t wait until morning. Give us a call for the help you need when you need it.
  • Roof Installation If you want a roof built right, call our team. We are well-versed in the art of roof installation and can help with metal, asphalt shingle, tile, TPO membrane, and many other kinds of roofing systems.